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Olympia Data Center Power Outage August 12, 2006

Posted by Zhonka Broadband in outage.
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Most of Olympia’s Eastside was without power from approximately 10:00 PM until 1:30 AM on Friday Night (Aug 10th) and the backup batteries did not have enough charge to make it through the lengthy outage. This only affected COLO customers based in the Olympia data center only, and not DSL connected customers, for which there was not outage.
The cause of the power outage is unknown, although I did arrive at the data center to find the whole neighboorhood eerie and creepily dark. After seeing a power repair truck drive by, I sped off after him, and caught up with him at the Olympia Avenue and Franklin Steet distribution substation (located next to the LOTT wastewater treatment plant). I asked him if he had found the cause of the problem, and he said, “no, I just got here” (he appeared to be filling out paperwork and shining his light on the substation to see if there was any obvious transformer damage. Shortly after that, but before the power came back on, he drove away.

During the interstitial downtime, I scampered downtown to see what all the police commotion was about, and found downtown Chuck telling his story of 7 Centralia hooligans beating down some guy, and taking indecent liberties with a female at 4th and Franklin. He had called the cops, and was filling out a report on the back end of an Olympia police cruiser. They had nabbed 5 of 7 suspects due to Chuck’s quick response. And this after he got slugged at the C-Average show at the Brotherhood last week, trying to stop a guy who wanted to fight one of the band members from the opening band. All in all, since the power came back tonight, things ended ok. Except for maybe the criminal hooligans, who will be spending the night in jail, and their victim, who was taken away in the ambulance so lamely pictured below (click for bigger photos)  (Photos from Sidekick 3; please note darkness is not it’s best environment for picture taking.)