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Zhonka at Gnomedex June 23, 2006

Posted by Zhonka Broadband in Conferences, news.

Zhonka Broadband is going to Gnomedex! (sponsored by Lockergnome) We do this to keep up on exciting new and upcoming technologies, such as Web 2.0 enabled back end technologies, podcasting, and new content delivery.  Last year Microsoft announced XML/ATOM support in Vista, and all it's applications.  Too bad for MS users that Vista was delayed again. . . .

Also, at last year's Gnomedex, Zhonka learned the new Kung-Fu of the Web, including the New Google Calendar, Bryght CMS, WordPress Hosted Blogs, and other cool tools, while meeting some very interesting and intelligent people, such as Dave Winer, Marc Canter, Bre Pettis, Kris Krug, Boris Mann, Roland Tanglao, Robert Scoble, and Adam Curry.

This year's Gnomedex Keynote Speaker is former Vice-Presidential Candidate John Edwards (remember Kerry/Edwards?), who has agreed to talk about technology issues and not politics.

Stay tuned for more information, and possible a few more breakthrough announcements while we're there. 😉

The Zhonka.Net Team



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