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IP Renumbering June 21, 2006

Posted by Zhonka Broadband in news.

As some users already know, we have been changing user IP numbers and mostly the project is going without too many problems.  We've been incented by the problems related to mail server blacklisting in s.p.e.w.s., and the former root owner of the IP block we were using to get the project completed by the end of this weekend. 

Unfortunately, that means we will not be able to inform all users in advance, and can only inform users who have netblocks, or are running mail servers or web servers for which Zhonka is providing DNS.  If you have registered name servers, or are forwarding your domain to your IP address, please contact noc at zhonka dot net for your new address, which will take affect by Monday, at the latest.

Again, we apologize for the short notice, and any inconvenience caused to our users by this re-numbering process.  Unfortunately, renumbering is an unescapable reality for small ISPs due to ARINs (American Registry for Internet Numbers) "Slow Start" policy for small ISPs.

Zhonka Broadband NOC



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