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Qwest DSL Modem Update April 13, 2006

Posted by uncleweeed in Pricing & Promotions.

Qwest has updated the DSL modem offerings by adding the 2Wire 2700HG unit which features increased network functionality out of the box.

Users may now choose between the 2Wire unit with built-in Ethernet hub to directly connect up to 5 computers, and the Actiontec GT701 which is handy for single computer users. Both units offer myriad security features and support the higher (3Mbps +) speed DSL service.

Current pricing is:

2Wire 2700HG – Rent $8/mo – Purchase $149.99
Special (until April 29th 2006):

  • $50 instant rebate for residential customers

  • $20 instant rebate for business customers

Actiontec GT701 – Rent $5/mo – Purchase $59.99Note: Shipping fees will apply when purchasing the modem.

The GT701-wg has been discontinued and users are advised to upgrade to firmware version QW5- when troubleshooting any problems.

Qwest maintains a listing of all supported modems and related documentation including discontinued models (Actiontec 1520/1524, Cisco 678/675 etc.)



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