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Zhonka Toll-Free Number Problems April 22, 2006

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Zhonka's VOIP provider is experiencing a problem delivering calls to our in-house Voice over IP system, which means that the Toll-Free number will be unavailable for the next 48 to 72 hours at a minimum. Here are some links to information about the problem.

Here are some links to information regarding the outage.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.  To call Zhonka, (during regular business hours), all users must continue to call the main Olympia number at +1.360.357.8776

Zhonka NOC Operations


Qwest DSL Modem Update April 13, 2006

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Qwest has updated the DSL modem offerings by adding the 2Wire 2700HG unit which features increased network functionality out of the box.

Users may now choose between the 2Wire unit with built-in Ethernet hub to directly connect up to 5 computers, and the Actiontec GT701 which is handy for single computer users. Both units offer myriad security features and support the higher (3Mbps +) speed DSL service.

Current pricing is:

2Wire 2700HG – Rent $8/mo – Purchase $149.99
Special (until April 29th 2006):

  • $50 instant rebate for residential customers

  • $20 instant rebate for business customers

Actiontec GT701 – Rent $5/mo – Purchase $59.99Note: Shipping fees will apply when purchasing the modem.

The GT701-wg has been discontinued and users are advised to upgrade to firmware version QW5- when troubleshooting any problems.

Qwest maintains a listing of all supported modems and related documentation including discontinued models (Actiontec 1520/1524, Cisco 678/675 etc.)

Zhonka Heading to Mindcamp 2.0 April 13, 2006

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The intrepid Zhonka crew is heading to the second Mind Camp event April 29-30th. Jay and Dave attended the Mind Camp 1.0 event held at an empty “dot-bomb” office building near Boeing-land. While a wee bit tiring (we aren’t 24-hours guys any more), we found it to be a unique and interesting event to say the least.

Basically, what you get is a batch of folks (150 last time, 250 this time) in a free-form space with nothing in particular scheduled for 24 hours. It evolved into myriad workshops and pow-wows ranging from the pedestrain (podcasting) to the way-out (elevators to space) and much inbetwixt.

This time, the space Youngstown Cultural Arts Center seems even better with more useful facilities and breakout areas.

Really though, the best part is meeting a heap of new folks from many disciplines and cross-pollinating ideas. Hollers out to marketing-maven Miss Rogue, Microsoft developer dude Alex Barnett, Internet media tycoon Chris Pirillo, and *many* others …

This time, we’ll take a long more Zhonka friends and colleagues including the lads from Espressoparts NW who will likely keep the crowd rolling late night with their beverages (while I am hopefully enjoying some sleep unlike last year).

For more flavor, check out the Mindcamp1.0 tagged photos on Flickr and/or see the Mindcamp website or wiki or, if very curious, search for Mindcamp-related podcasts on Google or Technorati.