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Speedtest June 11, 2008

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Olympia Data Center Power Outage August 12, 2006

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Most of Olympia’s Eastside was without power from approximately 10:00 PM until 1:30 AM on Friday Night (Aug 10th) and the backup batteries did not have enough charge to make it through the lengthy outage. This only affected COLO customers based in the Olympia data center only, and not DSL connected customers, for which there was not outage.
The cause of the power outage is unknown, although I did arrive at the data center to find the whole neighboorhood eerie and creepily dark. After seeing a power repair truck drive by, I sped off after him, and caught up with him at the Olympia Avenue and Franklin Steet distribution substation (located next to the LOTT wastewater treatment plant). I asked him if he had found the cause of the problem, and he said, “no, I just got here” (he appeared to be filling out paperwork and shining his light on the substation to see if there was any obvious transformer damage. Shortly after that, but before the power came back on, he drove away.

During the interstitial downtime, I scampered downtown to see what all the police commotion was about, and found downtown Chuck telling his story of 7 Centralia hooligans beating down some guy, and taking indecent liberties with a female at 4th and Franklin. He had called the cops, and was filling out a report on the back end of an Olympia police cruiser. They had nabbed 5 of 7 suspects due to Chuck’s quick response. And this after he got slugged at the C-Average show at the Brotherhood last week, trying to stop a guy who wanted to fight one of the band members from the opening band. All in all, since the power came back tonight, things ended ok. Except for maybe the criminal hooligans, who will be spending the night in jail, and their victim, who was taken away in the ambulance so lamely pictured below (click for bigger photos)  (Photos from Sidekick 3; please note darkness is not it’s best environment for picture taking.)

Users with Domains and/or DNS Service June 24, 2006

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Any user with domains registered to point to our DNS servers, who are not registered through GANDI should be aware that you need to change your registrar DNS authoritavie server addresses to dns1.zhonka.net (, and dns2.zhonka.net (, for better reliability, and to avoid connectivity losses, when the old addresses (66.228.*.*) are fully removed next week.

Zhonka NOC

Zhonka at Gnomedex June 23, 2006

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Zhonka Broadband is going to Gnomedex! (sponsored by Lockergnome) We do this to keep up on exciting new and upcoming technologies, such as Web 2.0 enabled back end technologies, podcasting, and new content delivery.  Last year Microsoft announced XML/ATOM support in Vista, and all it's applications.  Too bad for MS users that Vista was delayed again. . . .

Also, at last year's Gnomedex, Zhonka learned the new Kung-Fu of the Web, including the New Google Calendar, Bryght CMS, WordPress Hosted Blogs, and other cool tools, while meeting some very interesting and intelligent people, such as Dave Winer, Marc Canter, Bre Pettis, Kris Krug, Boris Mann, Roland Tanglao, Robert Scoble, and Adam Curry.

This year's Gnomedex Keynote Speaker is former Vice-Presidential Candidate John Edwards (remember Kerry/Edwards?), who has agreed to talk about technology issues and not politics.

Stay tuned for more information, and possible a few more breakthrough announcements while we're there. 😉

The Zhonka.Net Team

Zhonka Mail Server Woes June 23, 2006

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As many of you have noticed, the mail servers have been a little flaky in forwarding (and sometimes delivering) mail in a timely fashion this week.  This is due to a variety of reasons, starting with a failing hard drive in our primary UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail) filter and incoming relay, which caused some mail to get backed up earlier this week, and ending with a massive UCE attack that required us to harden our defenses, and add some additional capacity to help in times of trouble.

At this time we believe that we have solved all the problems related to the incoming and outgoing mail servers, and remind our users that for their account purposes, they should use "mail.zhonka.net" for the mail server name for both incoming (POP3), and outgoing (SMTP).  Please also be aware that you should NOT check encryption or SMTP authentication, as this will cause your outgoing mail to fail.  We hope to add additional security layers on the main outgoing server later this year, so we appreciate your patience.

As always, if you have have trouble, a question, a gripe, or just want to say hello, Zhonka users are always welcome to send us e-mail at support at zhonka dot net.

Zhonka Broadband NOC

IP Renumbering June 21, 2006

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As some users already know, we have been changing user IP numbers and mostly the project is going without too many problems.  We've been incented by the problems related to mail server blacklisting in s.p.e.w.s., and the former root owner of the IP block we were using to get the project completed by the end of this weekend. 

Unfortunately, that means we will not be able to inform all users in advance, and can only inform users who have netblocks, or are running mail servers or web servers for which Zhonka is providing DNS.  If you have registered name servers, or are forwarding your domain to your IP address, please contact noc at zhonka dot net for your new address, which will take affect by Monday, at the latest.

Again, we apologize for the short notice, and any inconvenience caused to our users by this re-numbering process.  Unfortunately, renumbering is an unescapable reality for small ISPs due to ARINs (American Registry for Internet Numbers) "Slow Start" policy for small ISPs.

Zhonka Broadband NOC

Zhonka Dialup Outage Fixed June 4, 2006

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We have fixed the dialup outage with the new dialup numbers, and dialup users are now authenticating and are able to send mail through the SMTP outbound mail server mail.zhonka.net.

If you get a "relay denied" error when attempting to send mail to someone offsite, please send a quick message to postmaster@zhonka.net, and we'll fix the problem right away.

If you need outbound SMTP access to other mail servers, (such as personal servers, etc.), please send a message to suppport@zhonka.net with the mail server name.

Thank you for your support and patience during this latest dialup outage during our switch.  We again apologize for the inconvenience.

Zhonka Noc Control

Zhonka Dialup Numbers Change June 3, 2006

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Please Note the New Zhonka.Net dialin number for Olympia is 360-485-0558.

Also, the new dialup number authentication has been flaky all day (Saturday, June 3rd, 2006), and hopefully will stabilize, as we've got the modem bank technicians and authentication people working on the problem.  We apologize for any inconvenience to our dialup customers.

Zhonka Noc Control

Zhonka Toll-Free Number Problems April 22, 2006

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Zhonka's VOIP provider is experiencing a problem delivering calls to our in-house Voice over IP system, which means that the Toll-Free number will be unavailable for the next 48 to 72 hours at a minimum. Here are some links to information about the problem.

Here are some links to information regarding the outage.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.  To call Zhonka, (during regular business hours), all users must continue to call the main Olympia number at +1.360.357.8776

Zhonka NOC Operations

Qwest DSL Modem Update April 13, 2006

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Qwest has updated the DSL modem offerings by adding the 2Wire 2700HG unit which features increased network functionality out of the box.

Users may now choose between the 2Wire unit with built-in Ethernet hub to directly connect up to 5 computers, and the Actiontec GT701 which is handy for single computer users. Both units offer myriad security features and support the higher (3Mbps +) speed DSL service.

Current pricing is:

2Wire 2700HG – Rent $8/mo – Purchase $149.99
Special (until April 29th 2006):

  • $50 instant rebate for residential customers

  • $20 instant rebate for business customers

Actiontec GT701 – Rent $5/mo – Purchase $59.99Note: Shipping fees will apply when purchasing the modem.

The GT701-wg has been discontinued and users are advised to upgrade to firmware version QW5- when troubleshooting any problems.

Qwest maintains a listing of all supported modems and related documentation including discontinued models (Actiontec 1520/1524, Cisco 678/675 etc.)